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which is the best MTB under the budget of 15K?

trying to search for a MTB under or around 15K budget

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Which one is the best Backbeat 27.8 Or Helicon disc 2018
Hi i have purchased new Firefox mountana 21 gear plz share qualitys of this bike
Hi I need.a cycle Budget is 20000 rupees Confused what to buy rigid or suspension cylce Currently in my mind montra helicon or rock 1.0d Plz suggest me
Best MTB under 13k
Hi go for altus octane about 9.5k

hii guys!

I have a BSA MACH 6 speed roadbike. Its quite old now and needs frequent repairing and servicing.Looking for a new MTB with suspension and gears. my budget is not much (7 -8 grand) , please suggest a ride within the above mentioned budget. i have Hercules Roadeo Hardliner 18 speed in mind. 

I am searching MTB with suspension and shimano altus gear system and light weight bike please advise my budget is 2300

Montra Madrock

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