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Confused, What to buy?

Hi all, this is my first bike and I want the best one. I just want a help from you for a MTB below 50000 INR. Please help....

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Sir , Plz suggest me a road bike under 35k (order wise)
Hi Expert Pls Suggest bicycle under RS. 15000-16000 for onroad and off-road both. I Am Living in Badlapur city, and both mountain and normal roads are Thier..pls Suggest
Hi, I m 6 feet and 110 kg. Just wated start commuting to office which is 12 to 15 km. So was curious which bike would be suitable for me under 50 k.

Hi Harris,

We would love to help you out.Please do let us know your budget and we will narrow down the options

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I am looking for a touring bike with the following features:-

1) Should be comfortable for long touring.

2) Should be able to carry a heavy load.

3) Should have both back and front racks to carry luggage.

4) Tire size should be in between that of a road bike and a mountain bike.

5) The saddle must be big and comfortable for back and neck for long journeys.

Kindly recommend a suitable bike under the price of 60k.

Thank you.

Hi Team I am looking for purchasing a bicycle. I have done manali to leh high altitude cycling on old trek cycle( rented). Done couple of cyclothons on 7 gear cycles. This year I am planning again for manali to leh expedition, a triathlon and in December I am planning for Pune to kanyakumari. I am thinking of firefox rapid21s. Please suggest me.
Which cylce i shd buy. I want to buy a road bike below 12000 rs for excersise.

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I have two questions about choosing a bicycle. One in 17k range and the other in 35-50k range. First, I want to ask about 17k range. I am unable to choose between Montra Helicon Disc & Firefox Rapide 21s. My main query is that what is advantageous? To have disc brakes and fat tires or Acerar rear deraileur, no disc brakes and heavy but slimer tires? I will use my bicycle for commuting and for fitness, about 20-30km daily and 60-100km on weekends. I will use it on city roads, including wet surfaces during monsoon, with light usage on occasional unpaved roads. I want a lightweight, comfortable, fast, durable, reliable and easily maneuverable bike which should last for next 5years. I do not care about style and looks. I am also wondering which size would be perfect for me. 19.5" or 21"? I am 5'8-9" tall and my inseam measurement is 32".

There is also the difference in cranksets and wheel sizes. Rapide 21s has bigger one with more teeth of 48/38/28 with 26" wheels and Helicon has 42/34/24 with 27.5" wheels while having the same cassete of 14/28T. Would this make much of a difference in speed? And which one has smoother, quieter and quicker gearsets?


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Hi Sai Krishna,

The Roadeo A75 medium size will be perfect for you. Below is the link to the product from where you can buy it.

I'm a 14 year old so please suggest according to that Height:174cm Weight: 60kg
I want to know which is a good buy roadeo hank or roadeo a75.

Hi I'm looking for a good bicycle for leisure Cycling / Fitness / should be capable to handle bad roads aswell

Budget around 35k

Bicycle should be sturdy , good looks , safe ( Material Strength )

my weight is 88 kg, height 180cms.

Pl suggest me .

Which one is better Rodeo Turner DD or Rodeo A200

Hi Rohit, do share your number with us and we will get in touch with you and find the right bicycle for you

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