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Buying first cycle, very confused

Hi All, Want to buy a new cycle budget upto 30k. Average distance per week cycling 45/50km Any suggestion in Hybrid model ? Scott subcross tour? Giant escape 3 Bergamont? Anyother?

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The bikes that you've stated aren't available in a budget of 30k most probably. If I still had to select any of them, I would go for the Scott. You still have options open from montra, Firefox, btwin etc.
Bergamot hybrid basic model
buy it from shop dont buy from Choosemybycycle. It was such a cumbersome process to deal with you, first to get defective bycycle then after one week you sent someone to repair then it took almost 1.5 months to receive complete accessories after so much followup. Due to this I missed so many cyclothone events. How can even I suggest someone to purchase it from you. Infact I have to post bad reviews.

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suggest me the best hybrid bicycle with 21 or 24gear in any brand which better perform in cyclothon  Events  under 20K.



MY height is 5.7 what size is better in hybrid range.

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If you are looking for Hybrids at a lower price point, look at the Polygon Path 2 . It would be slightly over your budget. I just bought a Merida Crossway 20MD Urban which I thought met my requirements but would cost a bit more. Both these bikes come with rigid forks but you can look at the Polygon Heist or the Merida Crossway series. If you are on an even lesser budget, I would say the Firefox Roadrunner is nice.. it ain't as good as the other two here but you would save a lot of money and it comes with front suspension as well. Should be a good first bike but let me remind you that if you get hooked on to cycling you will be planning to upgrade soon.. so my advise is to make an one time investment and go for a really good one.
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